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You Have Jewish Blood On Your Hands September 24, 2013

Posted by TrachGut in Chabad-News.com.

770 Eastern Parkway -Gabbi Rabbi Yosef Losh-bloodhandGabbi Beaten Up on Rosh Hashana

Seats on Rosh Hashana in 770 were in high demand, with little to no availability, so a group of Tzfati Bochurim decided to set up their own bench in one of the isles, blocking the passageway and creating a hazard.

Gabbi Rabbi Yosef Losh approached the group and asked them to stop what they were doing and remove the bench, which they refused to do.  Rabbi Losh went and got a few members of 770′s cleaning crew, who removed the bench themselves.

The Tzfatis reacted to this by beating up Rabbi Losh – throwing him to the ground while kicking and punching him.

After Yomtov, Rabbi Losh approached Rabbi Yaakov Schwei and R. Yosef Braun to complain. He demanded that the perpetrators publically apologize to him on the Bimah of 770.

Those involved in the beating were summoned to their offices, but they all steadfastly denied being involved in the incident. R. Braun suggested that the Tzfatis simply apologize to Rabbi Losh there in the office.

Rabbi Losh told CrownHeights.info: “I thought that they showed up to the Din Torah to just settle it, that what happened, happened. Once they denied hitting me I informed them that it is now between them and g-d and I do not forgive them.” (Source: CH.INFO)

If you are or have been a victim of Meshichist violence and/or vandalism and you didn’t take action against it by filing a police report, pressing charges and prosecuting the aggressors to the full extent of the law  – You have blood on your hands.

You are giving the Meshichisatim a free pass to continue in their acts of violence., it’s all on you.

You are 100% responsible for the next innocent Jew that gets attacked!!!

If you were a victim of Meshichist violence and you didn’t file a police report, then when that next act of violence does happen, don’t act so surprise (you deserve it).



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