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A Mosser Celebrates? December 9, 2013

Posted by TrachGut in hypocrisy, Jihad.info, Mishichistim Mossrim.
The Mosser/informer Yisroel Noach Belinitzki

The Mosser/informer Yisroel Noach Belinitzky (Middle)

One of the seven Meshichist Mossrim who falsely testified in the great blood libel of the Shomrim Six is seen dancing and celebrating the return of holy books to the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l.

The same informer ym”s who was ready and  and willing to kill six innocent Jewish souls is celebrating holy books?

This question of hypocrisy can be asked on the whole of the Meshichist faction, who from top to bottom, sanctioned, supported, stood silence and hoped and prayed that their seven mossrim would be successful in their murder of Jews.

They have no right celebrating holy books with those bloody hands!!!



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