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A Mosser Celebrates? December 9, 2013

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The Mosser/informer Yisroel Noach Belinitzki

The Mosser/informer Yisroel Noach Belinitzky (Middle)

One of the seven Meshichist Mossrim who falsely testified in the great blood libel of the Shomrim Six is seen dancing and celebrating the return of holy books to the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l.

The same informer ym”s who was ready and  and willing to kill six innocent Jewish souls is celebrating holy books?

This question of hypocrisy can be asked on the whole of the Meshichist faction, who from top to bottom, sanctioned, supported, stood silence and hoped and prayed that their seven mossrim would be successful in their murder of Jews.

They have no right celebrating holy books with those bloody hands!!!


Meshichistim Have New Mascot January 30, 2013

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ישראל שנייבלג-משיחיסטTo View his full interview Click Here: http://bektzara.blogspot.com/2013/01/blog-post_27.html

Zero Plus Zero = Zero October 5, 2012

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Who from all these Zeros even attempted -three years ago- to stop the worse Mesira/Blood libel in Jewish History? None!!!

Why?!!! Because all Meshichistim are Mossrim!!!! All these Zeros belong to the corrupt Mendel Hendel!!!

It’s all about the Money!!!

Basically what we have here is a meeting between a bunch of worthless and useless group of Zeros whose only inspire flag waving and Mesira, who are only at this “meeting” so they can get they’re check.

We also see some of the “elders” of the cabal, as-well as some cabal members.

So? August 10, 2012

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I don’t care what the background story is, I don’t care who invited who and why, it’s all irrelevant.

What concerns me and should concern every Crown Heighters (whose generally concerned about these things) is why are the Meshichistim (Mendel Hendels web-site chabad.info) getting all excited about this togetherness?

First to point out that this whole thing is more meshichist  propaganda.

But for arguments sake let’s say it’s true, they are getting together, what does that do for anybody in Crown Heights, how does that make anybodies lives any better?

Are the Meshichistim happy because they think they will get back their assassination machine, their guns for hire? Do they think that once they have their full Beis Din they will be able to control us? Are they excited that they now have all their puppets in-line to do their biddings? Do they really think they are going back to the good old days?



Important to point out: In the last elections held in 2010 for CHJCC and Beis Din, the people only came out to vote because they were under the impression that their was going to finally be a real change of guard, both at the Council and the Beis Din.
We were fooled, this not going to happen again!

The B.S. Gangsters Are At It Again April 23, 2012

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It is total and complete garbage.

A sign of fair and desperation.

Self righteousness drips from every letter.

Propaganda 101.


סוף מעשה במחשבה תחילה : All this B.S. in the beginning of this  B.S. letter about “Ahavas Yisroel” was only to get to the point which was the propaganda at the end.

HYPOCRISY: Brauns handlers ran a disgusting propaganda campaign of embarrassing and shaming prominent Rabonim,. Braun did not object. Braun himself  had recently  participated in foolish acts which are total opposite of “Ahavas Yisroel”.

Had the person – Braun- who wrote this letter been smart, he would not have to write two pages to make his point. A smart person would have written it in half a page. The person – Braun- who wrote this B.S. thinks to highly of himself and is delusional.

Menachem Mendel Hendel Call For Blood December 1, 2011

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Hendel wants to instigate his minions to do something stupid and dangerous

In recent months Meshichist cult leader Menachem Mendel Hendel has been instigating acts of violence against those who rightfully appose  his aggressive views. Menachem Mendel Hendel under the cover of his website chabad.info (aka Jihad.info) has been amping up the violent rhetoric in hopes that someone from his camp will “take the law” in to his own hand and those get rid of “the problem”.

Take a look here:


Menachem Mendel Hendel: Tell the TRUTH…Whose Paying For This? November 21, 2011

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More of the same old Mendel Hendel meshichistim propaganda and hate (recycled for the 1000s time)

What interest me more then anything is who pays for all these publications and why?

Don’t answer that. We all know it’s Menachem Mendel Hendel.

Hendel will just write this off on his money laundry “organization” CHABAD LUBAVITCH HOSPITALITY CENTER ESHEL HACHNOSAS ORCHIM INC.  as a publication to help the poor and needy.

ALSO: If you telling  “THE TRUTH” and your pretending to be all official then why you still hiding, why not come out with a booklet that has a name in the end, after all your telling “THE TRUTH” and your the official officials of Lubavitch, why you coward behind a false “VAAD FOR TRUTH AND PEACE”?

BOTTOM LINE: messianics are dirty, smelly mossrim and nobody likes you!!!!

Posted by Moshe der Ganif (Rubashkin) The Felon at 11:22 AM September 20, 2011

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Moshe der Ganif Rubashkin continues FRAUD of writing Bad Checks.

Moshe Rubashkin is a Convicted Felon who served a sentence of several years in Fort Dix Federal Penitentiary for Bank Fraud involving writing BAD CHECKS.

Messianics (Mishichistim) = Idol Worship + Messira September 1, 2011

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Tishrei is coming, this means that soon Hundreds of Mishichist Mossrim will be making their way to Crown Heights. All most be done to stop the Mesira machine!


Weekly Parshah: Ki Tisa


Mishichistim and Mossrim, One Of The Same

Mishichistim and Mesira

Mishichist Pride! One Sin Leads to Another Sin! How it Came Down To This. Chain Reaction!

Picture Of The Day

‘Invented knowledge of The Mishichistem • “No, we don’t focus on the details” June 16, 2011

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Chabad.Info’ Posted: Barrels of  ‘Givot Olam’ will be sold at $150 • The stock jumped 8% • site editor, explained: “The numbers do not interest us” • Commentator: “He’s a Alien •

Yossi Katz -For Chedrie Chadorim

Information based on a reporter’s imagination with especially original dreams, the site – Chabad.Info – belonging to the Messianic faction, caused the stock market to storm up  in Tel -Aviv.


ה’משיחיסטים’ המציאו ידיעה • “לא התמקדנו בפרטים” June 13, 2011

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Click Here To watch the News Report

We totally agree with this guy…weve been saying the same thing for so long now June 10, 2011

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Letter Questions Whether Mishichistim are Jewish

In response to a full page ad taken out in the ‘Jewish Week’ by an unrecognized organization calling themselves “Kabbolas Hamalchus,” a reader – after first complimenting Chabad’s outreach efforts – goes on to attack the entire movement, comparing them to Jews for Jesus, and questioning whether they are Jewish altogether.

The following letter – titled “Messianic Message” – was published in the Jewish Week’s ‘Letters to the Editor’ section:

Although I am not affiliated with Chabad, I have tremendous respect for the devotion and work of the shluchim (emissaries) around the world. They are probably the best Jewish outreach organization on the planet. That being said, I’m beginning to wonder if they will continue to be “Jewish.”

In the April 15 Jewish Week there were two full-page advertisements placed by Chabad. The first from the Chabads of Westchester explained nicely about Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson and his history. Unfortunately, the second from an organization labeling itself “Kabbolas Hamalchus” wants readers to declare that the rebbe, may he rest in peace, is the King Moshiach. The last time Jews recognized a dead person as the Moshiach was 2,011 years ago and it cost many millions of Jewish lives.

To think that the rebbe, who died over a decade ago, could possibly be the Moshiach is against accepted Orthodox Jewish teachings. This places this group beyond the pale.

Accepting advertisements of this nature is no different than accepting advertising from Jews for Jesus. There is no room for this group even under The Jewish Week’s large umbrella.

Richard Lopchinsky


Mishichist Pride! One Sin Leads to Another Sin! How it Came Down To This. Chain Reaction! (2)


Braun Family Eats Paper On Shavuos June 10, 2011

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With no money to pay their “Rov” Yosef Yeshaya Braun and his checks bouncing the Crown Heights Jewish Community Council Inc. a.k.a Vaad Hakol with conjunction of Menachem Mendel Hendel and Chabad.info have come up with a most interesting way to  make payments so the father of eleven can feed his family, pay rent and bills.

The Braun family will now be eating paper and with the left overs they will be paying their bills and if anything is left over after that the children will have coloring paper.

To top that Mendel Hendel will be giving Braun FREE promotions on his site Chabd.info.

Whats Wrong with Messira? May 31, 2011

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antimesira wrote:

Remember when putting Jews on trial to face a possible 15 year prison sentence was ok, great, allowed, applauded, encouraged, excused and justified?

You don’t remember? You forgot?

Here, I’ll Remind you… From Mishichist Mossrim web-site Jihad.info.

Assaulted Bochurim Speak Out

Shomrim Members Face Jail Time

Hooligans Assualt Bochurim in 749

What ever happened to those good old days?

Say Yechi Get Only $1,000 Believe In Jesus and Get $1 Million May 30, 2011

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Full Story Click Here

NY Post:

Not only does Jesus save — he pays!

A Long Island man proved that although money doesn’t grow on trees, it may sprout up in hymnals after he prayed for his mom to hit a jackpot the day before she won $1 million in the lottery.

And the divine intervention doesn’t stop there — the newly minted millionaire, a staunch Catholic, says the winnings have brought her heathen son back into the religious fold.

“God performed two miracles, a true miracle!” a tearful Gloria Bentivegna declared yesterday, clutching her $1 million check from the New York Lottery.

Watch an interview with Gloria and Sal here.


Sal Bentivegna, 26, never saw eye to eye with his mom’s beliefs, describing himself as somewhere between an agnostic and an atheist.

“She’s always wanted me to feel what she feels and the belief she has in God; but I need physical proof in my life,” said Sal, a car audio installation technician from Smithtown.

NY Post:

“God, I don‘t know if you’re real or not, but if you are there, please let my mother win a million dollars,” he cynically implored in the casino.

“It was off the cuff at the slot machines,” Sal said. “If Jesus wants me to believe in him, that‘s what he’ll do.”

Wa Wa Wa…Mishichist Mossrim Crying Foul May 19, 2011

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v. cried (krd), cry·ing, cries (krz)
1. To sob or shed tears because of grief, sorrow, or pain; weep.
2. To call loudly; shout.
3. To utter a characteristic sound or call. Used of an animal.
4. To demand or require immediate action or remedy: grievances crying out for redress.

1. To utter loudly; call out.
2. To proclaim or announce in public: crying one’s wares in the marketplace.
3. To bring into a particular condition by weeping: cry oneself to sleep.
4. Archaic To beg for; implore: cry forgiveness.
n. pl. cries (krz)

1. A loud utterance of an emotion, such as fear, anger, or despair.
2. A loud exclamation; a shout or call.
3. A fit of weeping: had a good long cry.
4. An urgent entreaty or appeal.
5. A public or general demand or complaint.
6. A common view or general report.
7. An advertising of wares by calling out: venders’ cries at the fish market.
8. A rallying call or signal: a cry to arms.
9. A slogan, especially a political one.
10. The characteristic call or utterance of an animal.

a. The baying of hounds during the chase.
b. A pack of hounds.
12. Obsolete Clamor; outcry.
13. Obsolete A public announcement; a proclamation.

Phrasal Verbs:

cry down

To belittle or disparage.
cry off

To break or withdraw from a promise, agreement, or undertaking.
cry up

To praise highly; extol.


cry havoc

To sound an alarm; warn.
cry (one’s) eyes/heart out

To weep inconsolably for a long time.
cry on (someone’s) shoulder

To tell one’s problems to someone else in an attempt to gain sympathy or consolation.
cry over spilled milk

To regret in vain what cannot be undone or rectified.
cry wolf

To raise a false alarm.
for crying out loud

Used to express annoyance or astonishment: Let’s get going, for crying out loud!
in full cry

In hot pursuit, as hounds hunting.

No Interacting With Mishichist Mossrim March 28, 2011

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In light of the unspeakable Chillul Hashem which  occurs daily with the Mishichist Mossrim , we present a pertinent Sicha of the Rebbe spoken on Shavuos 5745 in connection with the acts of this very same group, only then it was the Rambam study which they mocked. As one traverses the Sicha it becomes increasingly clear how ‘the words of Tzaddikim live for eternity.

22 Adar-II 5771 (28.03.2011)

A loose translation of the 5745 Sicha:In sequel to what has been spoken earlier, about those who mock the Rambam study, it’s necessary to clarify and warn that no one should engage them in debate whatsoever, not in writing nor verbally. We should have nothing to do with them, “neither them, nor their multitudes!…”


Rabbis Fight Hate Blogs December 12, 2010

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Rabbis Avrohom Osdoba and Yaakov Schwei are fed up with the hate blogs trying to intimidate the Crown Heights community and its leadership.

Two senior rabbis of the Crown Heights Jewish community are fed up with the growing number of hate blogs on the web run by a Mica Soffer and her sad husband.

In a rare sign of unity, Rabbi Avrohom Osdoba and Rabbi Yaakov Schwei both signed an open letter addressing current affairs “impacted by people who have pursued a personal agenda to the detriment of the community.”

Relations between the 71st Precinct of the New York Police Department and the Crown Heights community were “negatively impacted” due to ongoing attacks on blogs, the rabbis wrote.

Many Jewish residents have been targeted as a result of these hate blogs.


CHABAD.INFO a.k.a JIHAD.INFO sister site to COLLIES.com

Assaulted Bochurim Speak Out
Shomrim Members Face Jail Time

Mesirah or self defense!?
Hooligans Assualt Bochurim in 749
Who’s behind the Attempted Murder in 770?
Shocking vandalism of 770